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not bad...

persoanly i didn't like the click to continue bit but i thoughts over all it was farily funny and hopefully you carry on with this because it looks like it could be a funny series.

it wasn't the best but i don't think it deserves 0s like the people below me

keep it up!

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fish-orb responds:

yep agreed will try and sort that out

a very good first movie

this is probably going to get banned, a few sounds effects would have been nice but, i got to say i liked it. you need to keep working at it. your potential is great don't lose faith

Sam Fisher xx

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pretty good but ...

i can't belive you didnt put in the line "swiper no swiping after he was shot to death" ...but a good vid seems unfinished tho

Snicp responds:

ye i was thinking of it but then i didnt know where to put it cause she actually kills him

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i dont agree with the previous post...

if the guy new anything about flash he would no lemings isnt a flash game so the code must be origional and also there is alot of code in it !!! i think its very well done and so what if its like lemmings its better than useing lemmings characters which would be in breach of soo sooo soooooo many copy rite laws

god damit.... loved the game but

the pride sin is imposible to compleet

it wo ok and also i dint find any glitches

the only complaint was that it didnt tell u to clic the guy to kill him so i died a few times figureing it out over all protty good

it is time ......

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